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Jakarta EE and Cloud Native Projects at Eclipse Foundation
Tanja Obradović
Jakarta EE Program Manager
Eclipse Foundation
September 26th / 10:10 - 10:55
Outer Space

For many years, Java EE has been the de facto standard for delivering secure, robust, scalable multi-platform applications and services. The world’s leading innovators in Java are collaborating at the open source Eclipse Foundation to advance enterprise Java technologies to support the migration of mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile offer a path for transitioning Java EE legacy applications to a standard enterprise Java stack for a cloud native world. In this session, Tanja will highlight how the Java ecosystem is thriving, how stakeholders can participate, and share details on the cloud native open source stack at Eclipse Foundation.


Tanja Obradović is Jakarta EE Program Manager at the Eclipse Foundation. Having been involved with Java and Java EE for quite some time, revitalizing Enterprise Java and making it ready for cloud-native application development with Jakarta EE open source specifications is something that she is very much interested in.