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Share the knowledge, join us at the Unconference!

WHO CAN ATTEND? Everyone. This event is not only for Heapcon visitors.

WHEN? September 25th at 5PM

WHERE? Kombank dvorana, Press center

WHAT? Three (3) rounds of three (3) parallel sessions lasting around 45min each. Three (3) subjects proposed by the moderator for every session. The power of participation and democratic vote will decide which 3 subjects will be discussed and they won’t be shared beforehand!

DINING WITH HEAPCON SPEAKERS! All Unconference attendees are invited to join the Speakers dinner happening in Kombank dvorana at 9PM.

Peer learning is in our focus and openness and discussion are our tools. We want you to be open in sharing what you do and how you do it, the challenges that you have and the solutions you use to overcome them.

This is why we’re organizing the Unconference meeting right before Heapcon. You’ll have a chance to meet the Heapcon speakers in person and join some useful discussions with them.

The Unconference meeting is a participant-driven prelude to the main event. We want to facilitate connections between like-minded people and help them warm up for Heapcon so that they can use its full potential.

The main purpose of our events is to make great things happen by joining great people, so that’s why we need YOU.

Remember this before you come

#1: Whoever shows up are the right people - if you have signed up and shown up, that means you belong here! We want participants who come willingly and who will make the most of it.

#2: Whatever happens is fine - don’t worry, we don’t expect anything extreme. Just a good exchange of vibrations and knowledge. Anything on top of that is a bonus.

#3: Whenever it starts is the right time - unlike the conference, sessions on the unconference event won’t be timed to a microsecond, so if the discussion heats up and takes a group to the next level, we’ll let them stay there for a little while.

#4: It is over when it’s over - tell the people at home not to wait up. You’ll be unconferencing!