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Kotlin Is for Hipsters
Riccardo Lippolis & Jorrit van der Ven
Software Engineers
JDriven BV
September 27th / 10:10 - 10:55
Ninja the Cat

Most developers like using cool, shiny, new technologies. But at the same time, we embrace the ‘known’ older technology stacks when creating software which will run in production, and for good reason!

At the Port of Rotterdam we decided to take a leap of faith and embrace our inner hipsters. Unhindered with any prior experience, we started developing our applications using Kotlin.

In this talk, we will share our experiences with developing in Kotlin for a few months. Hopefully, we will enthuse you to make the same decision!


Riccardo is an inquiring and experienced Java Developer with a passion for solving complex problems. His core competence lies in Java, but he also has experience with other languages like Kotlin. Riccardo strives for quality with a pragmatic approach. He works for JDriven, where he shares his passion and drive with other enthusiasts. He has spoken at several conferences, including (but not limited to): JFall (2016, rated #1), DevoxxUK (2017), JavaLand (2017), Code and Comedy (2017, keynote speaker), NextBuild (2017) and Spring I/O (2018)

Jorrit is a Software Developer at JDriven. He has more than 10 years of experience as a Java developer, but recently something has changed… He started growing a beard and switched to programming Kotlin. In his spare time he likes to make his house a bit smarter using wires, chips and a soldering iron.