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Designing data intensive applications in serverless architecture
Nikolay Matvienko
Senior Full stack Developer
Grid Dynamics
September 27th / 13:30 - 14:00

I’ll talk about how to design serverless architecture for a data intensive application in order to process a Data Lake or data streams. I’ll show you how we did it using AWS cloud functions on Node.js running on thousands functions in parallel that process terabytes of data in ETL pipeline. Step by step we will build a serverless architecture for processing pipeline, consider the choice of services, queues, streams, databases and dive into tuning of cloud functions to build a reliable massively scalable cloud computing platform. We will talk about the advantages of such an architecture and platform, its possible limitations and how to get around them.


Nikolay is a software engineer and Node.js expert at Grid Dynamics. He is a big fan of performance optimization and cloud computing. He works in the USA and in Russia. He often travels around the world with talks based on professional experience of real-life projects in the areas of productivity, scalability and application development. Now he is working in St. Petersburg, Florida. Together with AWS team, he is building a cloud computing platform for one of the largest electronics companies in the United States.