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User Story Mapping: Hookup the Business Idea with the Right Product (backlog)
Maja, Mirjana, Danijela, Tamara
September 26th / 14:15 - 18:30
Outer Space

This workshop is fully dedicated to gaining hands on experience, which the participants will get within our simulation of USM session for a new product. To define the product right, all perspectives are equally important: business, development and testing.

Firstly, we will present the main aspect of the USM technique and give the participants the mechanism to support Product Owner/ business stakeholders in defining the solution and priorities. Afterwards the participants are expected to actively contribute to the session in one or two roles: asking right questions or facilitating the session following given instructions, tips and tricks and avoiding pitfalls.

The aim of the workshop is to enable all participants to organize the USM session for their own purposes.



For Maja Tričković it all started on her 3rd birthday, when she made seating arrangements for the guests. Throughout the years, innate organizational skills combined with love towards IT naturally moved her focus to IT project management she has been enjoying ever since. After few years of freelancing, she is now working as a Delivery Manager in Levi9 for more than 4 years. Although passionate about her work in general, she is especially enjoying coaching and supporting people to become the best version of themselves.

Mirjana Trobok works as a Delivery Manager at Levi9. Since 2012 she has become passionate about agile way of working and agility itself. She is enthusiastic about sharing her experience and knowledge, which she also does as an active team member of the user group Agile Coaching Serbia. Her focus are the people – she is wholeheartedly driven to enable individuals and teams to be high performing.

Danijela Petrović is a Software Developer at company Levi9 with enthusiasm for learning and solving problems. She believes in the power of versatility, so besides her greatest passion – programming, she seeks for ways to enhance her soft and leadership skills. She is dedicated to improving her team and development process every day.

Tamara Šašić Morača is an enthusiast Test Developer working for Levi9. She sees testing as a playground field where she can investigate and play with great combination of manual and automated testing. For more than five years she is involved in various projects where she applies gained knowledge and skills about manual and automated testing of GUI and API. Her main passion is constant learning and spreading of acquired knowledge through coaching.