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Make the Cassette Deck Great Again! Revival of the Coolest Retro Tech
Dragiša Rakić
Independent speaker
September 27th / 12:00 - 12:45
Outer Space

As a teenager I was stunned by HiFi audio components. Both visual and sound impressions were so appealing, and those devices were also the result of the marvelous electronic engineering and applied art craftsmanship. Amongst them, the cassette decks were the most diverse ones, and one of the greatest showcases how a “problem” could have literally countless solutions. Nowadays, those devices, if not dumped, are somewhere in the basement or attic. Let’s bring their beautiful LED VU-meters back to life by the magic of Raspberry Pi, Android and iOS. Want to see how QT, Kotlin and Swift work together?


Addicted to the computer world since ZX Spectrum glorious days, and Kraftwerk’s Computer World. Amiga, Sony Playstation, SGI Indigo and PowerPC were great companions through chasing Computer Science Master degree ad FTN, Novi Sad University. I have more than 20 years of professional experience, used to work in startups, big corporations, as a freelancer, independentantly, in small teams, also in big international distributed environments. Nowadays, I work as a team leader for the mobile technologies and big data in one big international company. Currently strong specialized in Mobile technologies (both leading platforms), but my interest goes far beyond. I like to explore, learn and discover the magic of the software making. Also, I like to build the scale model airplanes, fine tune car electronics & ecus, struggle to play guitar, and enjoy in HiFi. Have 3 kids, a wife and no pets. Enough for a 47-year-old :)