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Behind the AI Curtain - Designing for Machine Learning Products
Crystal Yan
Senior Product & Design Lead
Independent speaker
September 26th / 11:05 - 11:50
Ninja the Cat

When startups first launch, they can make the news with application of cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) - but convincing users to trust the AI is often another story. This session covers three key principles for how design and data science teams can work together better to build greater trust among users. Additionally, a case study on how a design and data science team partnered to redesign predictive analytics scores powered by machine learning will illustrate those principles in practice.


Crystal Yan is a product and design leader focused on empowering high impact organizations to be more customer-centric with human-centered design. Currently, she advises clients in the technology, healthcare, education, and nonprofit sectors as an independent consultant and is a Product Manager and UX Designer with the United States Digital Service, a startup within the federal government using design and technology to deliver better government services to the American people. At the USDS, her work focuses on using human-centered design to deliver better policy for healthcare providers and better services for asylum seekers. Previously, Crystal led the user experience research and design for Real Talk, a storytelling-driven health education app co-designed with low-income teenagers in the rural South, and led the user experience team at FiscalNote, an enterprise software startup transforming how organizations interact with governments worldwide. Crystal has worked in the US, India, China, and Cambodia and spoken at technology and design conferences across the US, Mexico, Chile, China, India, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, and the UK.