Heapcon 2018.
Heapcon • October 18 — 19, 2018
19. October, 15:00 - 15:35, BLUE Room

What I learned about Serverless from building a Pokémon Radar

In 2017 I had been playing Pokémon on and off for about a year and had a few left to catch! Though pokemon tracking maps helped, I wondered, what if THE pokemon I wanted popped up when I wasn’t looking? So I set out to build a service that would send me push notifications every time there was an important pokemon around. I had a few constraints. Whatever I built had to:

In this talk I share how I built this service: how, to meet those constraints, it went from a free Heroku app with a scheduler to a serverless system with lambdas running in 7 different parts of the world. We’ll also go over how this experience shaped real-life decisions in my team at The Financial Times, where speed, reliability and cost play a big role in our architectural decisions.