Heapcon 2018.
Heapcon • October 18 — 19, 2018

Igor Čordaš

Senior Android Developer

Igor is a developer with a passion for applications for the supercomputers we carry around in our pockets each day and call them Android apps. He is also quite interested in game engines, machine learning and REST services. With 6 years of work experience mostly focusing on platform apps for leading mobile phone manufacturer, custom devices and even mobile social networks. He likes to follow each stack trace to the bottom and to understand what is happening under the hood.

On the other hand he tries to keep the Top down approach as well and handles most functionalities from the end users perspective, what is it that people will do with our apps and how to make their lives easier, their phones batteries last longer and UI in good taste. For this conference he would like to share his Top down approach regarding text display on Android platform and how to respect design decisions almost to a pixel and still not lose ton of time for that.