Des Anderson

CTO & Founder



The hidden art of scaling yourself and your app through 15million users


Des Anderson is CTO and co-founder of LearnUpon, and has over 20 years experience in development and solution architecture in the eLearning industry. LearnUpon LMS launched in 2012 and has over 1,300 customers worldwide today. LearnUpon’s user-focused LMS (learning management system) and industry-leading expertise enables businesses to deliver impactful training that fuels employee, partner, and customer success.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, but living in Belgrade since 2007, Des loves music and grew up listening to The Beatles, The Police and Led Zeppelin. His other great loves are coffee and, of course, technology. Music + Coffee + Technology = Happy Des 🙂"


Taking a measured approach to scaling a platform that handles 1 user through 15million and beyond… is an art. But how do you learn to do it without an opportunity? In the middle of that, you want to build a great technology career. You especially want to be the technologist that has solutions. Sadly for us, we can’t download that knowledge, Matrix style! And it doesn’t happen by jumping between projects over the years either. So how do you get there? You will not need to follow a white rabbit, don’t worry! All you need to do is follow me as I talk you through some key steps you can take; to learn how to scale your app and your own trajectory into the future and beyond.