Vuk Marković

Software Engineer

EPAM Systems


Sunrise of Platforms as Services (PaaS)


Vuk is a full-stack software engineer with expertise in building cutting-edge mobile and web applications. Combined with skills in back-end engineering and distributed systems, Vuk delivered advanced scalable applications, working through full product cycles from initial design to the production release and delivery. In his free time, Vuk is developing his skills in fields of bioinformatics engineering and neuroscience.


In a constantly-evolving industry, achieving scalable, cutting-edge cloud platforms requires following a set of predefined system and software engineering strategies. Technologies often change, so does the approach of deploying services to the cloud, exposing them to the public. In this talk, you’ll be introduced to the platforms as services, following the examples of industry-leading PaaS providers. You’ll discover the important steps to build your own PaaS from scratch, and how can it be applied in any industry, such as healthcare, transport and other relevant industries.