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WebAssembly for the Masses
Sendil Kumar
Full Stack Product Developer

In the World Wide Frontend, Consistent and reliable performance is not a distant reality. WebAssembly makes it easy to run native languages along with JavaScript inside the JavaScript engine. JavaScript and WebAssembly together will solve many problems and make web even more awesome.

WebAssembly when used right provides a better performance. Level up the performance even more with WebAssembly by understanding and using the memory. Knowing when and how to cross the boundary between JavaScript and WebAssembly will help you to increase the performance.


Sendil is full stack developer working for Xebialabs on its Devops products. He has worked in all areas of development (frontend, backend, microservices, devops, and others). He is passionate about open source and crazy enough to contribute to many of them in his free time. He likes to explore and learn new programming languages. He also enjoys writing books (the technical ones), travelling, and coffee.