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Test Automation Without Assertions
Jeremias Roessler
Founder and CEO

GUI test automation is broken — because regression testing is not testing, but version control of the behaviour of the software.

Gradually, an insight is gaining ground in the testing world: Test automation without assertions works better! Whether Approvals Test, Jest (Facebook, Open Source) or recheck (retest, Open Source) - the number of tools that work according to the approach of Golden Master Testing / Characterization Testing / Approval Testing is constantly increasing. This approach promises more robust tests with less effort for creation and maintenance, while all the while testing much more completely. What this means, which different tools are available (mostly Open Source), and where the strengths and weaknesses of this approach lie, will be explained in this presentation.

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I’m an engineer at Red Hat working on cloud messaging and IoT Edge platforms. I have more than a decade of experience in developing open source solutions, making commercial products based on them and working with customers on running production systems based on these products. I’ve been an active member of open source communities for many years and a contributor to various projects.