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Going the Distance with SVG, Headless & Serverless
George Mandis
Web Developer & Consultant
September 26th / 12:00 - 12:45
Outer Space

Running apps without servers and browsers without screens sounds a little absurd, but it can be a surprisingly efficient way to solve certain problems. In this talk George will discuss a real-world solution built on top of serverless technologies and Puppeteer — the Headless Chrome Node API — to work with the SVG DOM on-the-fly and create print-ready documents from GPS routes. The audience will get a firsthand look at how cutting-edge JavaScript technologies and language features were integrated with a preexisting legacy PHP backend and minimal casualties.


George Mandis is a freelance web developer & consultant at SnapTortoise, frequent traveler and occasional educator based primarily out of Portland, Oregon. He’s worked with startups, professional sports teams, small businesses and individuals but excels at helping people find elegant solutions for their projects. He spent a year living as a digital nomad, inadvertently cheated at a marathon in North Korea and has spoken and led workshops at a number of JavaScript & technology conferences including JSFoo, Teardown, HolyJS and FullStack London.