Petar Vucelja & Aleksa Jorga

Chief of Engineering & Managing Director



Scaling Up for Scalable Apps: The CIF-N26 Experience


Petar has been a tech leader for almost a decade now, in LotusFlare, Humanity and Sungard/FIS, having previously started as a software engineer. Working closely with diverse groups of stakeholders, he has been instrumental in building engineering teams to execute on product strategies in different industries, such as fintech, telco, and HR. He is excited about our new product vision which he is helping to build.

Aleksa has led CIF since 2017, helping grow its business from regtech and financial modeling to mobile trading, working with startups and systemically important banks and partnering with N26, the Mobile Bank. Coming from more than a decade in entrepreneurship, he is excited about helping to define our product vision, build our development center and support our great team.


With a startup spirit in the body of a giant, we are creating a complete new home for unique product propositions, using bleeding-edge technology. Unique locally, and globally rare, our teams unite together our trading product and tech, and modelling/regtech with a long business experience, and almost two decades in the local market.

We are excited to share our experiences with going from 21 to 85 staff in 12 months, experimenting with various mobile technologies and establishing a product team for our Trading business line.