Maciek Próchniak

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Ok, it's time to synchronize our clocks...


I’m developer/architect having more than 15 years of experience in IT – but my roles vary from analysis to deployment. I’m mainly interested in JVM (Scala in particular) My main fields of interest are functional programming, stream processing systems (Akka, Kafka, Flink) and integration. I also like to give talks at conferences – Confitura, HeapCon, Devoxx just to name a few.


“But what does this actually mean? How is time really measured on our servers (even if we are serverless…) ? How do they know ““what time is it””? What are the quirks and traps to watch for? And what does happen if we move to distributed setting? How to synchronize time and how precise can we be? Also - why it may be more important than we sometimes think. I’ll try to answer at least some of those questions.