Dale Lane

Senior Cloud Engineer



Learning about AI from kids


Dale is a developer for IBM. He spent several years as a developer in IBM Watson, helping to create several Watson cloud services. He is the author of “Machine Learning for Kids”, and the creator of the supporting website MachineLearningForKids.co.uk which is used by children around the world to learn about artificial intelligence by creating and playing with their own machine learning models.


“An intro to AI talk with a difference: told through stories, stories about the experiences of young children in the schools that I’ve worked with.

I have run lessons in many schools, introducing students aged 7 and up, to the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning and more importantly, the impact that these technologies have on their lives.

In this talk, I want to share what I’ve seen. I will demonstrate AI/ML projects made by children - but more importantly, I want to tell you about the lessons they learned from making them.”