Slobodan Đukić, Miroslav Mijajlović, Boris Petrović

QA engineer, Senior Java Engineer, DevOps engineer

United Cloud


How to sleep soundly when your code is running 24/7 on millions of devices


Slobodan has 20 years of experience in IT and 10 years of experience in software quality, testing the web, mobile applications and backend services. He participated in setting the quality assurance processes, establishing the testing tools and writing the test automation frameworks. With excellent coding skills, Slobodan took part in setting automation testing processes for large and high-traffic platforms. He is a father of two and today he is leading the team in United Cloud which develops the video player - an in-house solution that combines the newest technology stack and includes high security, optimization and smoothest video experience.

Miroslav has more than 10 years of experience in Java, leading teams, people, and mentoring. He also has experience working on complex products and platforms, implementing modern engineering concepts and tools, and changing software architecture.

Boris is a DevOps engineer at United Cloud. He like discovering the dark corners of Linux, especially the networking side of things. He wants to truly understand exactly how it works in the end. I enjoy tasks that require low-level OS optimizations and to know how and why something works as it does. Setting up monitoring can answer these questions (you have to know what and why to monitor something), and he has spent a fair amount of time attempting to create the perfect monitoring system – however, he later realized that such a thing does not exist. Lately, he has been playing with eBPF and looking how to implement this endless source of metrics into our monitoring and alerting system. If you couldn’t watch your favorite TV show on EON, there are great chances that Boris was to blame, because - “this line in Nginx configuration will not affect anything, *pushes enter


That’s the challenge that faces developers at United Cloud. It turns out to be non-trivial. In the interests of better sleep habits for engineers, we are constantly trying to put a many safety mechanisms in place. We would like to share with you our findings, and demonstrate techniques for keeping code in a releasable state every day. Let’s dive in together to see what it needs to get there in addition to pretty stable pipelines and test suites. Let’s talk about Trunk Based Development, usage of Feature Toggles, constant exploration of mechanisms and routines that lead to higher quality. Join us for a candid talk about successes and near-failures in a large-scale environment.