Aharon Haravon

Principal Architect, SRE Lead

Nuvo Group


Guide through the galaxy - Structure of modern information systems


Highly experienced software developer, architect and leader working in Israeli hi-tech start-ups during past two decades . Passionate about technology since the age of 10 which over the course of bit less than 40 years provided him with wide and deep knowledge in various aspects of SaaS software - big data analytics, high throughput data ingest and processing, ERP, internet applications, ECM and security. Developed dozens of production systems that serve people and businesses around the globe on daily basis.


Complexity of information systems is growing with time so beeing a good architect is a challenging task. During past decades, I’ve worked in Israeli start-ups on development of modern medical devices, web analytics, intelligence and other systems that are in world-wide use. In those technical leadership positions I have had opportunity to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of significant part of open source solutions for security, storage, reliable data processing and similar. In this talk I will present a cloud native tech-stack that I use in recent years that is up-to-date and provides solution to big part of business requirements common to most projects.