Alison Lowndes

Senior Scientist, Global AI



From Gaming to the Metaverse


In 2015 Alison held the role of Deep Learning Solutions Architect and is now responsible for applied Artificial Intelligence both around the globe and off Earth, in Space. A mature graduate in AI, Alison combines technical computer science, astrophysics & a quarter of a century of experience in project management, entrepreneurial activities and the internet. She consults on a wide range of applications, including planetary defence with NASA, ESA & the UN, plus advising goverments on how to harness AI for economic growth, national security & climate action, using NVIDIA’s GPU Computing platform.


Artificial Intelligence is impacting all areas of society, from healthcare and transportation to smart cities and energy. Coupled with a vast number of components including gaming, VR, robotics, simulation, graphics, rendering, HPC & more, this talk will show how the combination will contribute to & solve some of humanity’s grandest challenges. You will be introduced to the hardware and software of NVIDIA Accelerated Computing alongside insights into how academia, enterprise and startups are applying AI. Beginners might like to try our classes using GPUs in the cloud: www.nvidia.co.uk/dli