Rafał Legiędź

Team Manager for Mixed Reality

Transition Technologies PSC


From Flatland to Spaceland


Rafał works as a software engineer for Avenga. Being in the industry since 2007 he develops his passion for the software at every possible moment. He believes that being pragmatic in our field is very helpful and proves that by switching technologies he uses whenever there is a need or an opportunity to learn new concepts. Started with .NET back-end solutions, he quickly became a web guy and then he got his head around different kind of mobile technologies and VR/AR. Also a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development.


For decades we’ve been digitalizing almost every aspect of the physical world: text, images, objects, machines, health statistics and even social interactions. We’re accumulating incredible amounts of data with unimaginable pace. Yet, whenever we want to convey digital information, we rely on its 2D projection, whereas humans think and reason spatially. With a rise of AR technologies, we can break through flat screens and start projecting 3D content into the world around us. But regardless of display technology, how do we place content spatially and contextually on objects and locations? How do we enable it to be persistent and therefore experienced by multiple parties? In this talk, you’ll get to know how tech companies like Microsoft (Azure Spatial Anchors, Azure Digital Twins), Google (Cloud Anchors) or Facebook (LiveMaps) are attempting to create a digital twin of the world. You’ll see possible applications and will be presented with a set of tools you could leverage to start bridging the gap between digital and real. Let’s start painting the world with data!