Sara Pellegrini & Milan Savić

Software Engineers



Do Distributed Systems, they said. It'll be fun, they said.


Sara Pellegrini is an enthusiastic and proactive IT professional who specializes in distributed architectures with experience in agile software development methods. Able to see things from a different perspective, with an all-around approach to software development, from coding skills to high-level architectural view. Since she joined AxonIQ, she focuses on Axon Server and Axon Framework development.

Milan Savić is Software Engineer at AxonIQ. He has experience with various software projects ranging from chemical analyzers to contactless mobile payment systems. In some of those projects, CQRS and Event Sourcing came as a natural solution, but things had to be built from scratch almost every time. Finding out about AxonFramework got him interested in being a part of the solution. In March 2018 he joined AxonIQ team on a mission to build tools that would help others in building event-driven, reactive systems.


May contain unpleasant truths.

In order to support modern systems’ needs, we have to be distributed. But, it is easier said than done. Let’s see together what challenges we have in such systems and strategies we can use to overcome them.

We are all aware of the fallacies of distributed computing. Alongside them, there are other things we should consider as well. At AxonIQ, one of our core products is Axon Server which acts as a Messaging Platform and Event Store. In other words, a system that is by its nature distributed across several machines to be more reliable and scalable.

Let’s see together what it means to build such a system, how to maintain it in (large variety of our customers’) production environments, and lastly, how to offer it as a service in the cloud.