Marko Ivanović

Lead Software Architect

Zuehlke Engineering d.o.o.


DIY: Data streaming platform with Kafka and Java


Born in 1986. Finished Faculty of Organizational sciences, IT Department. Started his professional carrier in 2010 and since then has work as Java developer in many technologies and areas such as Java, .Net, SpringBoot, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Web, Mobile, Cloud, Data platforms etc. He is Spring and Coca Cola enthusiast and loves to share knowledge and experience.


How to build your own data streaming platform with Apache Kafka and some Java. We will learn what Kafka is, what it is used for and what are her features with some demo and code examples. This session will have short introduction into Kafka, what Kafka is, what are Kafka Producers and Consumers, what is Kafka broker and Kafka Connect and what are they used for. It will also have live demonstration of built data stream platform using Kafka and Java with code samples which will also be used to present the main problems and guidelines for build data streaming platform with these technologies.