Pavle Prica

Software Engineer


Unveiling the role of the backend in web3 environment


I’m the new kid on the block of the backend team in Decenter working on DefiSaver. A big fan of TDD, open source and security. Our team is responsible for monitoring the market and allowing users to subscribe to automated actions. I love poking a finger into some technology or others and figuring out why and how it works. Which usually means breaking it down first.


Everybody looks at web3 development like it’s that odd kid in class. There’s blockchain, but then there is L2 blockchain which is a chain on a chain! You pay for doing a for-loop on it and storing a simple variable. Fees everywhere! The network encounters high usage and a spike and everything can go wild! I decided to talk to that kid and see that it was not that big of a fuss.

Let me take you through the journey of someone who mostly worked in JVM languages and transitioned to the web3 world and now hitting the keyboard in Go. Our team is responsible for automated actions approved by the customer. We’ll go through what that environment looks like, and how it looks like being responsible to execute customer-approved actions and their funds when the desired conditions are met with high availability.

See you at Heapcon in days hours minutes seconds