Oskar Vatic

Technical Lead


Swarm Intelligence - An AI Epiphany of the Ant Colony


Technical lead at Velsera - Genomics & Precision Medicine company. Mostly focused on the heavy backend and infrastructure stuff mainly in Golang and Java, leveraging and processing massive amounts of data using Snowflake as a compute and storage engine. Graduated at ETF - School of Electrical Engineering at University of Belgrade and spent a few years at both Endava and later Clarivate as a Software Engineer before joining Seven Bridges Genomics / Velsera.


As Albert Einstein said “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”, hence when designing and implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) Algorithms the captivating world of nature can be of great inspiration and insight in how computer code can simulate and ultimately create an intelligent behaviour. How do ants use pheromones to build colonies, retrieve food and even show recognition to one another and how does that influence the family of Swarm Intelligence Software Algorithms that solve many real world issues.

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