Lazar Bulatovic

Accessibility Consultant


Simple hacks for disability friendly website


Lazar is web accessibility specialist. He helps companies make their websites available to all people regardless on disability. This allows them to buy things online just like any other customer. He works for Allyant, the world’s premier accessibility agency, and provides accessibility consulting services independently. Due to the difficulties to find the right employment and many unpleasant experiences with recruiters, he decided to become an entrepreneur, and never regretted. Assistive technology for the blind is in his blood. Along with English, Lazar speaks German and Russian.


People with disabilities are often unable to do basic things on the web, because developers usually don’t follow accessibility standards. Blind persons are especially affected by this approach, as they rely upon different speech technologies. Although it may seem difficult, creating an accessible website is not a rocket science. This lecture aims to raise awareness among web developers and entrepreneurs about frequent accessibility challenges, and provide tips for resolving them.

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