Ivan Ivakin

Senior Technical Expert


QA automation: Mistakes you'll try to avoid, but that might happen anyway


Ivan Ivakin’s an automotive engineer with 11 years of experience in the industry. From his beginnings as an engine control algorithms developer, he’s now leading an SDET team focused on crafting testing framework for vehicle on-board diagnostics. He’s passionate about systematizing chaos and automating processes. When he’s not immersed in the tech world, you might just catch him listening to his favorite tunes.


This talk explores QA proces automation and transitioning from simple to complex. It underscores the misconception that QA slows development. During the talk, we’ll discuss techniques for swift test coverage, like early testing and efficient approaches, and practices, such as prioritizing test scenarios and employing automated tests.

We’ll also focus on common early phase mistakes, indicators of missed transitions and criteria for smooth shifts to full-scale testing, as well as involving a feedback loop and identifying clear goals.

Together, we’ll map the path to transitioning from R&D to production from defining scaling goals to constant quality monitoring and discuss strategies for late transitions, including problem identification and prioritizing improvements.

Overall, this talk will offer a comprehensive guide for managing QA processes effectively.

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