Giulia Panozzo

Director of Customer Acquisition at StockX / Founder at Neuroscientive (consultancy)
StockX (employer) / Neuroscientive (freelance consultancy)


Neuroscience of Search and Customer Acquistion


Giulia is an in-house Director of Customer Acquisition, where she focuses on technical SEO and international strategy for e-commerce. She previously worked on global organic growth for websites of the caliber of RS Components and Expedia.

Before landing on digital marketing, Giulia obtained a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology and coauthored 3 research papers published internationally.

She leveraged her background in Neuroscience research to drive customer acquisition informed by cognitive patterns and bias. She has recently launched her own consultancy, Neuroscientive.


Before Google, there were humans: this session aims at uncovering the psychology behind customer behaviour and how to optimise for real people, while highlighting some of the similarities between how we think and act, and how search engines seem to rank websites. In this talk, you will learn about the cognitive biases and heuristics that guide decision making at every stage of the user’s journey, and how to apply this to connect with your audience and turn visitors into customers.

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