Aleksandr Seleznyov

Chief Architect


Modernizing the world: Overcoming challenges in implementing DevOps for legacy modernization projects


I’ve spent the last 8+ years in the IT industry. Before that, I combined an IT career with my scientific work at a university simultaneously for 6 years. I’ve experienced every aspect of the “DevOps” spectrum: From engaging in operations, development, build and release automation, on-site customer support and negotiations, to managing DevOps teams and projects. I currently hold the position of Head of DevOps and Cloud within the Legacy Modernization Services at Luxoft. In this role I facilitate accelerated project delivery while maintaining stringent control over quality, security and budgets.


Within Legacy Modernization Services we deal with all kinds of legacy systems, ranging from huge mainframe-based products written 40 years ago to monoliths and distributed systems from 5 years ago. All these systems share some similarities: They’re mission-critical, complicated applications; they’ve undergone multiple attempts at re-write (many of which have failed); they use archaic and slow development tools and release processes; and they have strict requirements to become more agile and meet challenging deadlines. A little more than 5 years ago, we began implementing DevOps for these projects which yielded significant improvements in timelines, quality and user satisfaction. However, this was not without its challenges. In this talk, I will present the most impactful challenges and the patterns we developed to overcome them. These insights should provide you with valuable guidance for modernizing your legacy systems with greater certainty.

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