Mladen Jovanović

AI Architect


Let me ChatGPT that for you


Mladen is dedicated to building performing teams and innovative products, from personalized vaccines, over tailored product recommendations to your own personal chat assistants. He is currently one of the top voices of the Serbian AI ecosystem. And he enjoys spending time underwater, one breath at a time.


Nearly a year has passed since we were propelled into the post-ChatGPT era, and it still keeps a top place in the AI news headlines like the very first day. We’re hearing about the release of new large language models (LLMs) from specialized research entities like Anthropic, DeepMind and Meta, while Google has been reminding us that their solution has existed all this time.

Naturally, this surge in LLMs has piqued curiosity, prompting many to wonder how they can lay their hands on their ‘very own LLM’. Join us on this talk to find out how far we’ve reached in easing up the usage and implementation aspects of LLMs and how can your team benefit from it.

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