Magdalina Čivović & Miloš Pajić

Technology Lead (Magdalina) / QA Tech Lead (Miloš)
TX Services - Doodle


Keeping up with Keycloak


Magdalina Čivović is a highly accomplished Tech Lead at Doodle. She holds a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Information Systems and Technology from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Her pristine education sets a good foundation for the backend Tech Lead she is today.. Magdalina’s unwavering dedication to software development has led to remarkable success, making her an invaluable asset to the team at Doodle. As a Tech Lead, she brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to her role, driving innovation and excellence in her team.

Miloš Pajic has a successful track record as QA Tech Lead with extensive experience at TX Services. He specializes in performance testing, demonstrating his expertise in this specific testing methodology. Miloš holds a Master’s Degree in System Engineering and Radio Communications from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He is widely recognized for his dedication to delivering high-quality software and his exceptional ability to implement cutting-edge QA methodologies. As a respected professional in the tech industry, Miloš continues to drive success and innovation in the field of quality assurance.


This talk is about maintaining an open-source framework. It reflects the journey of one developer and QA trying to keep up with versions of Keycloak (Identity and access management system ). It will show the challenges of working with an external caching system, doing performance tests, using profiling tools, and collecting DevOps skills along the way.

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