Ivett Ördög

Engineering Culture Advocate, Founder
Lean Poker


I implemented the same problem 100+ times! Here is what I learned.


Ivett Ördög is an engineering manager at Contentful. She is based in Berlin, Germany and has over 10 years of experience in software development and leadership. She is also a public speaker and a creator of Lean Poker, a gamified devops training tool that teaches agile, lean and continuous deployment practices to developers. She is passionate about innovation, collaboration and learning, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and insights with others. She also runs a YouTube channel called Leaders Workshop, where she helps aspiring engineering leaders to grow their skills and confidence through practical advice and real-life stories.


Having facilitated code retreats for years, I’ve witnessed a myriad of solutions to a single, seemingly straightforward problem: Conway’s Game of Life. While varying constraints often lead to different approaches, the most intriguing aspect lies in the valuable lessons these solutions impart, shaping our programming practices for years to come. Join me as we delve into three distinct implementations of this captivating problem, uncovering the elegance of functional programming, unlocking the immense potential of GPU acceleration, and exploring the hidden gems of SQL features.

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