Boris Petrović & Dejan Janković

SRE Engineer & Team manager
United Cloud


How our production is running as fast as overcaffeinated teenager


Boris, a DevOps engineer at United Cloud, enjoys discovering the dark corners of Linux, with a particular focus on the networking aspects. He hopes to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Linux operates. Boris appreciates tasks that involve low-level OS optimizations and values knowing the intricacies of how and why things function as they do. Setting up monitoring systems is one of his preferred methods for answering these questions because it requires a solid grasp of what to monitor and why. Boris has dedicated a substantial amount of time to creating what he once thought could be the perfect monitoring system, only to realize that such perfection remains elusive. Currently, Boris is actively experimenting with eBPF and investigating how to integrate this abundant source of metrics into their monitoring and alerting system.

Dejan is the Associate Team Manager of one back-end team at United Cloud. He has 10 years of experience in the IT industry working in various environments, such as startups and different types of corporations, in different roles: back-end developer, full-stack developer, Team Lead, and The guy who always sings in the office.

Throughout his career, Dejan has worked the most on back-end technologies, thus having 10 years of experience in Java, but he’s always eager to understand how things work from an end-to-end perspective, meaning that he’ll probably frequently put his nose in infrastructure things, testing, client-side implementation, monitoring…and he will bore everyone else how that is the right principle in Software Development. WRITE DOCUMENTATION. Understand system architecture, always think about performance, and implement your code to be SOLID by having a quality perspective in mind. And lead people toward those values. Those are Dejan’s mantras in the Software Development world.


Have you ever found it challenging to navigate live video content, not knowing where you’ll land in the timeline? We get it. Join us as we go behind the scenes of our flagship TV 2.0 platform, (globally recognized under the brand name EON TV) and its cool fast-forward and rewind feature. We’ll spill the beans on how it evolved, our tech choices like Nginx and Lua, and in part two, meet Cilium, the star of our on-premises Kubernetes setup. It’s not just strong and fast, it’s super easy to keep an eye on production. Get ready for a sneak peek behind our TV 2.0.

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