Bogdan Habić

Co-Founder and CTO


Hey, this looks like a server: Appchains and the Future of Blockchain Scaling


Bogdan Habic is the co-founder and CTO of Tenderly, where he leads and mentors an eclectic team of talented blockchain developers. His blockchain career started in 2017. and since then he’s been a vocal web3 advocate and enthusiast. Tenderly is a full-stack infrastructure for Web3 teams and developers. It enables them to build, test, debug, and run reliable dapps.


Beyond the cycle-driven hype and fear-mongering, blockchain technology continues to be constantly improved and silently innovated by the leading teams from around the world, tackling the famous blockchain trilemma of decentralisation, security and scalability. In this talk we’ll focus on latest industry paradigm and possible solution addressing the issue of blockchain scalability - Appchains. Appchains are purpose or application-specific blockchains, exclusively designed to run a single application instead of multiple applications. They are layered and operate on top of public blockchains like Ethereum or scaling solutions like Layer 2, to which they are connected to and secured by. Appchains offer greatly increased performance, customisation, ownership, and governance, allowing for various and numerous specific use-cases.

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