Fatih Salikutluk & Blagoje Netkovski

Software Architect & Lead DevOps Engineer


GitOps and Mircoservices: In minutes from creation to production


Fatih is currently a Senior Enterprise and Solution Architect at Bosch Digital with more than a decade of experience. He is responsible to create and deliver end 2 end solutions. During this time, he has not only created and grown a Digital Innovation Division but also fulfilled different roles within the complete software development and management lifecycle within various industries. He is passionate about finding and implementing the best solutions and leading teams.

Blagoje works as the DevOps Lead for Bosch Digital. A dedicated advocate for cloud-native technologies and had the privilege of being part of teams guiding migrations to cloud-native platforms throughout his career. Blagoje is deeply passionate about continuous improvement and collaboration, and believe in the transformative power of DevOps practices to accelerate software delivery, enhance operational performance, and ultimately boost organisational success.


Discover the power of end-to-end automation in this conference session. Witness how we automate everything, from shared infrastructure with IaC, Kubernetes operators and GitOps approach to rapidly delivery solutions. Join our session to see the possibility to deliver microservices with GitOps from creation to production in minutes.

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