Aharon Haravon

Principal Software Architect/SRE Lead
Nuvo Group


Auto-Scaling: The Force Awakens - and Nods Off


Highly experienced software developer, architect and leader working in Israeli hi-tech start-ups during past two decades. Passionate about technology since the age of 10 which over the course of bit less than 40 years provided him with wide and deep knowledge in various aspects of SaaS software - big data analytics, high throughput data ingest and processing, ERP, internet applications, ECM and security. Developed dozens of production systems that serve people and businesses around the globe on daily basis.


Software should allow business to start small and grow later. Furthermore, at any given time, we want to only pay for the resources that are acctually providing some value. Auto-Scaling kubernetes application should be easy, a lot easier than it is using only the built-in tooling. In this talk I will present the challenges of auto-autoscaling a kubernetes application and a possible way to addresse those in a battle tested real-world healthcare solution use-case. In this practical-focused session we will learn how to quickly add auto-scaling to cloud-native apps by leveraging the opensource KEDA project and how to utilize the aws warm pools feature to further enhance it.

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