Riccardo Lippolis

Software engineer / architect
JDriven BV


Async Showdown: Java Virtual Threads vs. Kotlin Coroutines


Riccardo is an inquiring and experienced Java / Kotlin Developer with a passion for solving complex problems. Known by his colleagues as the Kotlin Hipster (probably because of the beard), he is the go-to guy for everything Kotlin-related. He works for JDriven, where he shares his passion and drive with other enthusiasts.


Discover the potential impact of Java Virtual Threads on Kotlin Coroutines, the popular alternative for asynchronous programming on the JVM. Join me for a comparative exploration of these two approaches, their advantages and limitations, and how they can be used together to create powerful and efficient models for asynchronous programming. Don’t miss the Async Showdown – the battle between Java Virtual Threads and Kotlin Coroutines to determine the future of asynchronous programming on the JVM!

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