Robin Pokorny

Domain Architect



Railway Oriented TypeScript


Robin is a Domain Architect at Klarna. He started with CSS during the Responsive revolution, moved to JavaScript just when React dropped, and now designs full-stack systems for 1M cardholders. As a developer who specialises in TypeScript, he helps to find solutions by applying functional programming principles. Robin also organises several meetups: he co-founded Frontendisti.cz and runs React Berlin.


When we code, we tend to focus on the “happy path”. Yet in the real world, there is validation, logging, network errors, and other “unhappy paths”. The good news is that we know about these different paths. We know that validations may fail, and we know that network requests may not come back. Railway-oriented programming is an approach that makes sure we think about and handle all these possible outcomes. Some languages regularly benefit from it; now, it’s time for TypeScript.