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Event Processing in Action
Sebastian Malaca
Independent Speaker
September 27th / 11:05 - 11:50

Event-driven architecture allows you to observe, collect, analyze, and react dynamically to real-time events. Since most of functionalities of our applications are reactions on some requests or situations it’s worth to know advantages of event processing and event-driven architecture.

Ability to recognize events we have to react on make as more aware of the domain we have to work with. Including them into our applications makes our software more cohesive, granular and easier to understand, extend and modify.

During the talk you will learn what event processing is. What are the differences between event processing and event sourcing. I will describe major concepts of event-driven architecture and tell you how to design event processing applications.


Sebastian is an experienced and dedicated software engineer specializing in object-oriented design and programming, software architecture, code quality and agile. His main interest is practical usage of refactoring, testing and software development techniques combined with existing code, both on class and application level. He’s also a speaker (JDD, GeeCon, Confitura, Devoxx, etc.), blogger (Let’s talk about Java, DZone, JavaCodeGeeks) and trainer and consultant at Sages.