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How to Setup a Production-ready Microservices Cluster in 30 mins
Max, Borislav, Boban, Marko
September 27th / 15:25 - 17:25
Outer Space

In this workshop we will introduce the Kyma project. Kyma is an open-source project designed natively on Kubernetes. It allows you to extend and customize cloud-based and on-premise enterprise applications in a quick and modern way, using the serverless computing or microservice architecture. We will present the basic concepts of Kyma, setup a cluster and deploy some microservices to it. Furthermore we will cover how to operate microservices within the platform and share our experiences.



Max Schöttl is a Software Engineer and Architect at NETCONOMY, an Austrian based company. He is working for more than 8 years on large scale e-commerce applications in a team setup that is distributed over several locations. Besides keeping the holistic view on the architecture and development process he is currently focused on the introduction of a microservices platform next to a monolithic application setup and roll it out to several development teams.

Borislav Panić is a Software Developer at msgNETCONOMY. He is passionate about designing and implementing high quality software solutions. Besides problem solving, things he is most enthusiastic about in his work are teamwork and knowledge sharing, because he believes that everyone has something to learn from anyone and that a team is better than a group of individuals.

Boban Đorđević is a Software Engineer at msgNETCONOMY for more than 5 years. Software development nowadays is not only about hard skills and writing code, it is about delivering great collaboration experience to the clients, consulting them in building robust applications, being able to work with different types of people in a co-located or a remote team, ability to provide/receive feedback and much more. In order to improve his overall skill set, 2 years ago he decided to become a Development Lead besides his Software Engineer role.

Marko Romandić is truly passionate when it comes to IT. He took his first steps into this world by working on different start-ups and now he is proud to say that he is a Software Engineer at msgNETCONOMY. What he enjoys the most, is solving complex problems because he finds challenges inspiring. Friendly and outgoing by nature, he likes working with people and is known to be a team player. His dream is to become a Software Architect and he’s working very hard to make it come true.