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Engineering Experience
Mišel Tekinder
Frontend developer
September 27th / 14:50 - 15:35
Ninja the Cat

In the era of UX Design, where products are built to fulfill users needs, development processes are still lacking that UX part in decision making and planning.

Tech stack decisions are mostly driven by current trends, a hype or companies preferences in specific technology, which can lead to a lot of technical debt.

Everything around understanding end-users ends with decisions made in design processes and the development part of software development is represented with the race of feature delivery.

It’s time to enrich our development processes with UX thinking and focus more on our users.


Mišel is a UX developer focused on front-end technologies and performance with passion for interactivity and JavaScript. He is working as a Front-end developer for enjoy.ing company on a project for Pearson, building rich UX for e-commerce.