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Biofeedback Technology and Its Use in the Educational System
Marko Ferek
Founder & CEO
September 26th / 14:50 - 15:35
Ninja the Cat

Biofeedback and edu-feedback technology is currently a very exciting area in which new ideas emerge on a daily basis. Results and devices within biofeedback technology opens a whole new way of teaching, therapy planning and executing. The results achieved by using biofeedback technology in the classroom and while working with students with special needs or disability are skyrocketing. The idea is to start the dialogue about implementing and using those technologies in everyday educational system but also talking about the struggles (and benefits) both programmers, engineers, distributors, and education workers experience in using bio and edu-feedback technology.

This session encourages the conversation about biofeedback software, its implementation, and education about its use, as well as open source biofeedback technology.


Marko Ferek, author of the bestseller and currently the third most selling book in Croatia „Hyperactive dreamers – different, worse, better“, is a pioneer of bringing, using and popularising biofeedback technology in Croatia and the East Europe region. He gave more than 500 talks to teachers, professionals, parents, and children and held presentations across Canada, China, Ireland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Besides bringing biofeedback technology closer to professionals in the field and parents, he is currently advocating for a complete educational system reform where child’s mental health and personal growth would be as equal as academic success, or even more important. He sees the use of biofeedback technology in educational institutions and everyday lessons as one of the paths to achieve it.