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JavaScript for Artists
George Mandis
Web Developer & Consultant
September 26th / 12:00 - 12:45
Outer Space

A bot that sings to you when you’re sad? Generative poetry derived from classic literature? Paintings that draw a composite of every person that’s ever looked at them? The cutting-edge web technologies that can power these creative applications are easier to use than ever!

Modern JavaScript conventions, browser APIs, AI services and IoT hardware provide a unique platform for artistic expression, exploration and creation. In this talk we’ll examine this type of interactive application development and look at the open-source projects, APIs, services, hardware and approaches to creating expressive works through JavaScript — audio, visual and otherwise.


George Mandis is a freelance web developer & consultant at SnapTortoise, frequent traveler and occasional educator based primarily out of Portland, Oregon. He’s worked with startups, professional sports teams, small businesses and individuals but excels at helping people find elegant solutions for their projects. He spent a year living as a digital nomad, inadvertently cheated at a marathon in North Korea and has spoken and led workshops at a number of JavaScript & technology conferences including JSFoo, Teardown, HolyJS and FullStack London.