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Converting technical expertise and soft skills into great products
Boban Pajić
Product Development Manager
Seven Bridges
September 27th / 14:15 - 14:45

Just like trying to play football for the first time when you were a kid, getting into a new role requires understanding of what, how and why people are doing, but also some trial and error until you can say “I’ve got this”. When you are working on a project and have less domain and technical knowledge than you would like to have, you need to learn how to trust people and let them make decisions. As a UX designer turned Product Manager in the challenging and evolving bioinformatics industry, I will focus on the path to successful product delivery through a combination of great communication, team engagement and mutual growth, with each team member being in charge of their own technical field of expertise at the same time.


Boban Pajic is an UX Designer turned Product Development Manager at Seven Bridges. Over the past few years, he’s focused on innovating design for the young but quickly growing bioinformatics field. He’s recently expanded his expertise into bridging the gap between business needs and real user problems. Currently, Pajic enables teams to solve complex visualization problems in bioinformatics.